Between Frogs

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Earthbound game series (“Mother” in Japan). In January 2008, I did an arrangement of one of my favourite songs from Mother 3. The song wasn’t accepted by OCRemix and wasn’t taken in by, but maybe my invisible readers will enjoy it just as a regular old song.

Playing guitar is Chris Semoff and on bass is Warren Bray. I play piano, keyboards and the melodica. Together we call ourselves Over the Map.

Between Frogs by Over the Map

Title: Between Frogs
Artist: Over the Map
Composer: Shogo Sakai (2006)
Year: 2008


I like to think of this rendition as an adventure in itself—the journey from one save frog to the next. In the Earthbound universe a lot can happen between saves. The game’s rich scenarios fertilized with interesting characters and dialogue allow things to move along quickly. Similarly, we try to waste little time moving from part to part.

And now for some jargon about how the arrangement fits with the game.

Since this is a Japanese only game I think I should explain the source material in a bit more depth. The original song is called “Happy Town?” (#126 in the Sound Player) which approximates to “Memory of Tatsumairi” off the Mother 3i album. This song is played in several different ways throughout the game though they all roughly translate to “this is the song for your home town.” The piece lends itself well to the many heroes in the game setting out to do what they do best—kicking ass! As well, we throw in “In the Room (#48)” for some good reggae measure. In our arrangement, I imagine the Pig Masks flying over Lucas’s home in Tatsumairi blaring this reggae bit from their loud speakers.

13 thoughts on “Between Frogs

  1. This is a wonderful track, reminds me of what would happen if DCMC did a jam on that theme. I bet Starmen would accept it if you submitted it to the fan music section using – I saw it posted on the forums a while back but that won’t get it actually upped to the site.

    Do more of these… pleeease? <3

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment–it really helps liven things up, you know.

    I actually did submit the track to the fan music section a long time ago and nothing happened with that–at least to my knowledge. Does that mean something went wrong?

    As for more songs, I’d love to! There’s one track in Mother 3 that plays for maybe 1 minute in the whole game but I love it. It’s when you’re riding the green train…

    So who knows :p

  3. Huh… I dunno why, but I REALLY like this song. It doesn’t seem you get too many visitors – ’tis a shame, because you have some really good talent. I dunno; maybe I’ll link you and the song around. Maybe then you’ll get the attention you deserve.

  4. Wow Jishka, what a kind thing to do and say. Thank you so much. I’m considering doing another video game song arrangment. Do you have any suggestions? What sorts of things would you like to hear?

  5. Ooh, ooh! Uh… Monkey’s Delivery Service! It used to be my favorite Mother 3 song, but after listening to it so much, it gets kinda… bleh. I would love to see new life blown into it. (And if you’re gonna do that song, try to keep the accordian. I’m a sucker for accordians. ;p )

  6. I love that song too! I’m gonna keep this in mind, but right now I’m a little busy with school. Come May I should have lots of time though so keep your ears peeled!

  7. Linked by Jishka.
    Hey, this is really cool! CC: Jishka was right, you guys have talent. ^^~ I’d love to hear more Mother as well.

  8. Well, I haven’t gotten all too far into the game, so I only have the names of some 120 of the songs. But a rendition of /any/ of these would be a delight. :33 Gentle Rain (Track 33), Hard Rain (Track 36) (this would also be my most preferred one), Etude for Ghosts (Track 83), Piggy Guys (Track 95), either of the Open Sesame! tracks (97 & 98).
    Aha, I don’t expect you to do any more than one of these. xD I’m just suggesting some, and you can pick whichever one is most suitable to do.

  9. Only 120 songs?! :p That’s a lot! Well I’d be lying if I didn’t say I thought every track was great so really you can’t pick a wrong one. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind, and I really do hope to do one more arrangement. We’ll see which way the notes move me…

  10. Meh, never mind what I said earlier; I am officially tired of Monkey’s Delivery Service. New craze? Theme of Duster. Not the slow sad one, but the one that plays during chapter 2 outside. The faster one.

  11. Hey I thought this was great too! I’m lost as to why oc doesn’t want it! The amount of mother 3 fan remixes right now is pretty shallow so It would be awesome if you remixed other tracks. Monkey’s delivery service would be a prime candidate too =D

  12. Hey thank you very much Paden. OC’s reason is that it is too much like a cover, regardless if most of the middle of the song is original material. I will admit though that our original goal was not to make an OC Remix, but instead to make something that fans would enjoy. Making it onto OC would have been nice because more people would have heard it.

    Anyway, thank you for your support. Your suggestion has been noted!

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