Warriors: Legends of Troy

Good Morning,

Today the game I helped make, Warriors: Legends of Troy, was released on PS3 in North America.  I was the music director and assistant audio designer!  Have a look and listen here to the European trailer:

If you don’t want to play it because of your own personal tastes, play it (from beginning to end) to hear all the wonderful music!  Jamie Christopherson composed and arranged the magnificent, multi-layered score and even conducted the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra!

Thank you very much Jamie and the entire team at Tecmo Koei!

Some tracks hosted on Jamie’s website:
More Music

4 thoughts on “Warriors: Legends of Troy

  1. Holy guacamole, this and DW7 are making me want a console. And I really hope you guys release the soundtrack to the game, the few tracks I’ve sniffed out online are phenomenal!

  2. Hi Cody, unfortunately I don’t think there are any plans to release the soundtrack 🙁 It’s tragic, I know, but I’ve already passed along my strongest recommendation to release it. Unfortunately, such decisions have many roads to travel before seeing fruition on a store shelf.

    Also, thank you very much for the comment! Jamie will be so happy to hear 😀

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