91-08-04 Sound Test

It feels odd to not first address the fact that this is my first post in three years. At the same time, it feels odd to be updating a personal website in 2018. But there is something more odd that deserves our attention.

I have formed an alliance with a man named Matt Kidd.

He has very long hair and comes from the mountains.

We both sometimes feel as though we aren’t thinking as much as we ought to be. In the course of taking care of our regular responsibilities there isn’t always time spent thinking about irregular things.

So we agreed it might be healthy to create a habit of setting aside tiny amounts of time each week to pursue thoughts, whims and fancies.

We have begun with a Scene From a Game about a boy who is experimenting with his new tape recorder. You can download it for Mac and PC from Itch.io. We will be using this platform to distribute our musings.

I hope for this alliance to become a part of my life’s regular scheduled programming.

Give the scene a view and stay tuned for more in the future.


A video Matt made that spoils everything the game has to offer.

Art and Animation by Matt Kidd (@Canadianimator).
Game Design and Programming by Colin Sanders.
Audio clips sourced from various free libraries.

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