Baby Boss Battle

Unity Web Player:
The Unity Web Player may not work for Chrome. If this is the case for you, please try Safari or Firefox instead. The Unity Web Player must be installed before you can play. It is safe and trustworthy. You can install it here if the player above doesn’t take you there.


• Use the mouse.

How to Play:
1) Choose your moves.
2) See what happens.

Nine months ago an ordinary man embarked on an epic quest and it has come down to this ultimate showdown. Through long-nights and deafening cries he battles for peace (and quiet). Trust your instincts and never give up hope, brave warrior, as you are the chosen one foreseen to put the ruthless Newborn to rest!

Font: “Dragon Quest” by Gnarizard
Software instrument plug-in for Logic by YMCK.
Everything else by Colin Sanders.