Shu’s Garden OST + Bonus Piano Medley

Last Saturday Jason and I attended Bit Bazaar to help promote Shu’s Garden. We had a couple devices running the game and were also selling various crafts and things, including the Official *Burned* CD Soundtrack. The soundtrack contains all the songs from the game plus a few extras — including a piano medley (the last…
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Shu’s Garden Released!

Jason and I make our offering to the Spirit of Spring in the hopes of ushering in the new season. We present to you Shu’s Garden for iOS and Android. O, benevolent Spirit, please check out this offering by clicking the link above associated with Your mobile device of choice.

What About “About”?

I used to say things like: What interests me most about video games are the stories. I love the unique blend of interaction, characters and worlds. But then some people who wrote some things somewhere said that games can’t tell stories because it’s not a linear medium, or something like that. They would say, “It’s…
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Shu’s Garden

Today on Facebook Jason and I announced our current direction for Shu and her world: Hello Everyone, We’ve been silent for a while now, and wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the state of things. Recently we’ve had some tough decisions to make about where to take Shu. When we set out on…
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Wake Up, Little Seed

A lullaby for the morning. This is a song for the dozy first years of life when waking up is as painful as going to sleep. The tune sympathizes with your sluggishness and wills to soothe you out of slumber and into awakening. Written for Hey, Shu!

Moving Together

Man it’s hot. Nourish the soil and the plants grow. The plants grow and their flowers blossom. Spread the seeds and nourish the soil. Continue the loop and watch things flourish, but remove one part and the whole thing collapses. . Wipes brow. This song, written for Hey, Shu!, reminds me of working out in…
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Wherefore Art Thou, Video Game?

So many preconceptions. This! That! So many adamant fighters. Bang! Pow! So many boobs — doubly so! Video Game, Video Game! Wherefore art thou, Video Game? Is it because you were born as a game played on a video screen? O, Video Game, deny thy father and refuse thy name! You have grown and are…
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The Thing I Could Not Predict

This is my game designer origin story. It is a story of predictable causes and effects that results in something rather unexpected. The latest chapter ends with me realizing the thing that I could not predict, but the first chapter began, in earnest, in about grade six. It starts predictably enough. This game is so…
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