Shu’s Garden OST

2014/05/10 | 09 songs | 18:27
Thank you very much, Jason and Matsuda-san.

1. Wake Up, Little Seed
A lullaby for the morning. This is a song for the dozy first years of life when waking up is as painful as going to sleep. The tune sympathizes with your sluggishness and wills to soothe you out of slumber and into awakening.

2. Hey, Shu!
This was the first song written for Shu’s Garden and it is the song from which all the others were born. It reminds me that as children we play freely using a logic that seems to become more elusive the older we get. Every once in awhile we don’t see it coming and *woosh* — just like that — we are back to our old ways and reliving the same kind of fun we had years ago. The moment may not last as long as it used to, but it invigorates all the same.

I am not certain yet, but I do not believe we can permanently shake the urge to roll and bounce.

3. Growing Bigger
Beautiful things sometimes start very small and are barely recognizable. A seed in the ground is not yet a plant, but it contains all the greatness. With care and concentrated efforts what was once held entirely within blossoms outward for all to see. This is part of growing bigger.

4. Moving Together
Man it’s hot.

Nourish the soil and the plants grow. The plants grow and their flowers blossom. Spread the seeds and nourish the soil. Continue the loop and watch things flourish, but remove one part and the whole thing collapses.

*Wipes brow.*

This song reminds me of working out in a garden under the hot afternoon sun. In the heat it’s hard to focus on the separations and everything blurs together. The sun, the rain, the soil, the flower and the gardener are all one system with no part more important than the other. What is an influence and what is a result, I cannot think.

It’s too hot.

My strained mind becomes silent and like magic all the parts begin to move together.

5. Space Vibrations
I thought there were no sounds in space, but we can clearly hear something up there above Shu’s world…

6. The Sound Pond
From the deep water an ancient relic rises, but only at sundown, and only if there’s someone to listen. It doesn’t just want to dictate, however, it wants to discuss. Within its glow Shu can respond and the relic will answer. As the dialogue continues more sounds want to say their piece and have their views heard.

7. Planet Slice Generator
This song was, technically speaking, the first written on this album, but it was not created for Shu’s Garden. It was originally written for a different vision of Shu that had her racing through a world — a product of the TOJam game we produced in 2010. I expanded on the song used in that prototype with ideas of Shu adventuring throughout the universe, and that’s what you hear on this album.

We did not stay the adventure course for long, however, and I felt this song was too big and fast for a small and relaxing garden. While it is not in the game we did use it in some of our promotional videos. The name comes from a system Jason developed that would allow us to create many planets very quickly.

8. A Regal Giraffe
A sound drama featuring the inhabitants of Shu’s Garden. Don’t feel bad for the giraffe — he’s an excellent swimmer.

9. While Imagination Lasts (a piano medley)
In Shu’s Garden your imagination is the engine behind the gameplay. There is nothing that you *have* to do, only many things that you *can* do. The reason for doing anything in the game is because you want to do it — because you envision a purpose for yourself. Once you get in rhythm with your imagination your stresses will seem to fade away — and while your imagination lasts, you will feel liberated.