Baby Boss Battle

Nine months ago an ordinary man embarked on an epic quest and it has come down to this ultimate showdown. Through long-nights and deafening cries he battles for peace (and quiet). Trust your instincts and never give up hope, brave warrior, as you are the chosen one foreseen to put the ruthless Newborn to rest!…
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5:38 a.m.

This scene from a game will be a real eye-opener for some. It will give many players insight into a new world and likely change their perceptions on existence. On the other hand, many will feel right at home. PLAY NOW Please note that the game relies heavily on sound. In order to make any…
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Slow Down with Dr. Jolin Kanders

This “scene from a game” is called Slow Down with Dr. Jolin Kanders. It is FREE and you can play it in your web browser. (Play with sound or you’re cheating yourself!) PLAY NOW This game puts the player in psychiatrist Dr. Jolin Kanders’ chair. Can the doctor’s sessions really reduce your stress? Patients often…
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Shu’s Garden Released!

Jason and I make our offering to the Spirit of Spring in the hopes of ushering in the new season. We present to you Shu’s Garden for iOS and Android. O, benevolent Spirit, please check out this offering by clicking the link above associated with Your mobile device of choice.

Hey, Shu! Kickstarter

Dear fellow world observers, You probably assumed that after my last post ended with, “Please support your fellow, soon-to-be starving, sacks of skin and bones artists by pretending that you give a damn!” that it wouldn’t be long before I started asking for money. You are very perceptive! Please check out Jason and my Kickstarter…
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